Who "We" Are

Bob Leonard

I am Bob Leonard. I own and operate Bolen Communications, LLC. I'm a marketing professional, a single point of contact for clients, a B2B marketing consultant and a commercial copywriter. 'We' are a virtual team of the area's best independent professionals, offering a full range of marketing services.

Sometimes I subcontract to advertising agencies as a copywriter. The agency owns the relationship with the client. I am just a hired hand. Other times, I am the point person. I consult with clients to determine their longer-term top line objectives and build a promotional plan to reach them. Together with the client, we cherry pick just the right elements and combine them in an integrated strategy.

Bolen Communications helps businesses grow by improving their communications with customers and prospects. We integrate online and offline marketing communications.

Marketing Professional

I'm a professional marketer with over 20 years experience. I worked in Boston and Dallas at Digital Equipment Corporation, Interleaf, GTE and EMC. I have a Master's degree in Marketing from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I have been successfully running and growing Bolen Communications since 2003.

Single Point of Contact

I'm a central point of contact who can manage the entire process and provide best of breed marketing services. If you have in-house resources, I can work closely with them on the design, production and placement of various materials. If not, I have a go-to group of talented advertising and PR professionals, graphic artists, photographers and printers.

Freelance Copywriter

I write clear, concise copy. I've written advertorials, application briefs, brochures, demo scripts, direct response pieces, interviews, magazine articles, marketing plans, newsletters, presentations, press releases, proposals, sales letters, solution briefs, spec sheets, speeches, success stories, technical briefs, vertical industry case studies, websites, white papers… and more. All professional, potent and persuasive.

Unbiased Viewpoint

How would you like to have a trusted third party to consult with regarding your marketing plans? As an experienced business professional with no turf or ideology to defend, I offer an unbiased, yet creative viewpoint on what to communicate and how best to communicate it.

Research Included

How would you like to have someone who works hard to quickly understand your products and services, and has the skills to transform features into compelling benefit-laden copy? I research your products and services thoroughly. I listen to your executives, your sales staff and, if possible, your customers. I can work with you to develop an overarching marketing strategy, a single piece of marketing literature, or anything in between.

Cruel Task Master

Whether I'm subcontracting to an agency, collaborating as a team member, or managing an entire project for a client, the real boss is always the work itself. And the work can be a cruel boss. It will publicly humiliate me if it can. I am ever mindful of that, so I always do the best work I'm capable of.

Contact "Us"

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